Trustworthy Mechanic

My car has been making the most bizarre noises for quite some time now. I’m definitely no car expert, so I knew it was time to take it to the mechanic. I wouldn’t be able to guess what was wrong even if I tried. My husband, however, thought he’d be able to guess the problem within an instant. Long story short, he spent three hours outside and came to no conclusion. He’s no car expert but he’s a typical man who thinks he can fix any problem. I let him have his moment.

Unfortunately, as my husband and I are rather new to the area, we struggled to find a trustworthy Milperra mechanic. Luckily, my neighbour was aware of our car troubles and had a few workshops they could recommend.

We’ve never had any major issues with this car before. Something in me was very worried that this was going to be a big issue. We’d driven hours to move to the area, and perhaps this had worn the car out. 

I was greeted by a friendly mechanic who introduced himself as Steve. He asked me what the issues were and I did my best to describe what I had been experiencing. My main concern was the loud noises and the difficulty I was having with the clutch.

Steve nodded and told me he had a feeling that these were signs to get a brake and clutch repair. I felt sick to my stomach. A brake and clutch repair? That sounded expensive! We’d only just moved to the area and moving had been a very costly process. We didn’t have money to suddenly fork out on cars, but we knew we had to. Steve must’ve seen the look of panic on my face because he was very quick to start reassuring me that his team takes time to get the job done to a high standard.

I guess the bigger picture is that it’s only a brake and clutch repair. It’s not like I need to buy a whole new car.