Heating Up

Being in the security business, you get your fair share of odd cases. But an art thief using air conditioners to smuggle stolen art? Now, that’s a new one. But I, Ava, am not the kind to back away from a challenge. The hunt was on and this game was reaching its crescendo.

I found myself in Elwood, my guts telling me this is where the thief would strike next. Not one to leave things to chance, I decided to set a trap. Using my experience and contacts in the industry, I called up a local air conditioning service Highett residents trusted. They installed a system so sophisticated it would be impossible for the thief to resist. It was the perfect bait, and I was ready to reel in my catch.

Day faded into night. Shadows merged and twisted into each other as the hours rolled by. Patience has always been my strongest suit and tonight, it was being put to the test. I sat in my car, eyes glued to the gallery entrance across the street. Every flicker of movement was a potential lead, every murmur of the night a possible tip-off.

Hours passed, my eyes growing weary, but my spirit remained undeterred. And then it happened. A figure, as elusive as the night itself, slipped into the gallery. My pulse quickened, adrenaline coursing through my veins as I immediately dialled my contacts. I was certain that the air conditioning repair businesses near Bentleigh would soon be needed.

As I ended the call, a grin spread across my face. My plan was in motion. The city was asleep, oblivious to the game of cat and mouse unfolding in its heart. I felt the tension rise, palpable like the fog rolling in from the Port Phillip Bay.

The stage was set, the actors in their places. All that was left was for the drama to unfold. The thief had taken the bait and was on the verge of walking right into my trap. The cold Melbourne night was about to get a lot colder for our art thief.


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