July 2023

Erasing the Tattoo

In the heart of his dilemma, Jack sat in his favourite coffee shop, an untouched mug of hot chocolate growing cold on the table. The sight of the half-erased tattoo on his forearm seemed like an ominous portent of his future – a future he could either embrace or let fade away. With the looming …

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The Cool Guardian

After the epic adventure of thwarting Summersbane, John Coolman felt a sense of purpose. He decided to put his skills and gadgets to work for the betterment of the community. He started ‘Coolman Cares,’ an initiative to ensure that every household in Canberra had a functioning air conditioner. The excitement was palpable as the residents …

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Meteor Crash Renovation

Last week, to my disbelief, a meteor crashed into my extravagant mansion. I was away, luxuriating in my third beach house on the coast, and my family and team of over fifty maids and servants were absent as well. In a state of hysteria, my neighbour called me, raving about a colossal rock plummeting from …

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New House Winner

Bob couldn’t contain the secret any longer. He had recently won the lottery, and he was the mysterious, anonymous winner that the whole of Victoria was searching for. With fifty million dollars now in his possession, Bob found himself pondering how to handle such an immense fortune. He knew that a significant portion would go …

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