Meteor Crash Renovation

Last week, to my disbelief, a meteor crashed into my extravagant mansion. I was away, luxuriating in my third beach house on the coast, and my family and team of over fifty maids and servants were absent as well. In a state of hysteria, my neighbour called me, raving about a colossal rock plummeting from …

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Renovation and Design

As of late, I’ve developed a newfound fascination with home renovation television shows. They’re incredibly enjoyable, and I think it’s the transformation aspect that captivates me. It reminds me of the princess films I adored as a child, where something ordinary becomes extraordinary. Inspired by these shows, I’ve decided to embark on my own kitchen …

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Renovation Unobtainable

They didn’t quite make it out of the Renovation Kingdom before sundown, so Princess Plum gave the Fellowship permission to set up camp again. They’d decided to head toward the Conveyancing Kingdom next, as the trail of destruction appeared to go that way, although it was hard to be certain of that. Although the princess …

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