Bath and Back

Once upon a time, in a quiet neighbourhood of Sydney, lived an elderly gentleman named Bertie Bubbles. Bertie, known for his jovial disposition and love for soaking in the bathtub, led a simple life. Every evening, he would fill up his old bathtub with warm water, lay back and let the bubbles embrace him. It …

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Tiny Home Renovations

After deciding that suburban life was no longer for us, my boyfriend and I made a bold move and purchased a tiny house in the outskirts of the city. We were drawn to the idea of minimalism and reducing our environmental impact, and working from home made this lifestyle change possible. However, our tiny home …

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Duck Tub

Ducky was a happy little duck who lived on a farm with all his animal friends. One of Ducky‚Äôs favourite things to do was splash around in the bathtub the farmer had installed for the animals, but he always found it challenging to climb into. The bathtub was simply too tall for Ducky, and he …

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