Duck Tub

Ducky was a happy little duck who lived on a farm with all his animal friends. One of Ducky’s favourite things to do was splash around in the bathtub the farmer had installed for the animals, but he always found it challenging to climb into. The bathtub was simply too tall for Ducky, and he always had to rely on his friends to help him get in and out.

Eventually, Ducky decided that enough was enough, and demanded that the farmer come up with a solution to this dreadful problem. Now, the farmer was a kind man who loved all of his animals, and he remained patient even in the face of Ducky’s demands. He promised to find a solution to the problem and began wondering about the cost of a bathtub remodel.

After some research, the farmer found a team of experts who had plenty of experience with bathtub remodels. They were from the most popular bathtub conversion business Sydney had to offer, so he knew he’d found the perfect solution. The bathtub conversion company decided to send out their carpenter, since this would be a special job. The carpenter, Tom, came to the farm and made a plan to make a new bathtub that would be the perfect size for Ducky.

Tom worked hard for days, using his creativity and skills to make one of the finest bathtubs any of them would ever see. He even made sure to incorporate some fun features like a water slide and a little ramp that would help Ducky climb up.

When the bathtub was ready, the farmer and Ducky’s friends gathered around to watch Ducky try it out. Ducky waddled up the ramp and got into the bathtub, splashing around and even trying the waterslide out.

Unfortunately for Ducky, the farmer wasn’t as kind as the animals had believed, after all. See, he had hatched a plan for revenge after Ducky’s rude demands. While Ducky played in the water, he didn’t realise that it was beginning to heat up until it was too late. 

The farmer ate quite well that night.

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