Getting My Glasses

I remember the day I found out I needed glasses like it was yesterday. I was in the first grade, and my teacher noticed that I was squinting a lot during class. She recommended that I see an optometrist to get my eyes checked out. My parents made an appointment with the best children’s optometrist Bayside had to offer, and I was nervous about what was going to happen.

When we arrived at the optometrist’s office, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who gave me a sticker and a colouring book to keep me occupied while I waited. I was amazed by all the different glasses frames on display, and I couldn’t help but try a few of them on. My parents chuckled as I posed in front of the mirror. Soon it was my turn to see the optometrist. The optometrist had a warm smile and introduced herself to me. She asked me to read some letters on a chart across the room. I tried my best, but some of the letters were so small that I couldn’t make them out. The optometrist explained that I was nearsighted and that I would need glasses to help me see things clearly.

I was disappointed at first, thinking that glasses would make me look like a nerd, but the optometrist assured me that there were many cool frames to choose from. She even let me pick out my own pair! I spent a long time trying on different glasses, finally settling on a bright blue pair that made me feel like a superhero. It was clear why she was the best optometrist Bayside had to offer. When we picked up my glasses a few days later, I was amazed at how different the world looked. I could see things clearly that I had never been able to before. I felt like I had a superpower! My parents were happy that I was finally able to see well, and they were proud of how brave I had been during the whole process. Looking back, I’m grateful for the optometrist who helped me see the world clearly. And I’m proud to wear my glasses, knowing that they make me look pretty cool after all.

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