Securing a Roadworthy

I am a huge procrastinator. It’s not something I do intentionally, but sometimes I just can’t help myself. I’ve been needing to take my car to get a roadworthy certificate for the last month in order for me to get her back on the road. I couldn’t have been more slack during this whole process. Each time I’d feel slight motivation to go do it, I’d find myself back on the couch watching TV. 

Booking the roadworthy certificate was a mission in itself. I think I kept putting it off because I didn’t know where to get a roadworthy certificate in Frankston. My brother had to end up booking it for me because I am that lazy. He found a mechanic that was renowned for his honest work and fair prices. Now that I had a date to commit to, I knew I had to stop being so slack and get a move on. I knew I could delay the process any longer. 

I woke up this morning accepting that today was the day that I’d be taking my car to the best local mechanic. Frankston is a thirty-minute drive for me as I live quite rural, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the main cause of my laziness.

While driving to the mechanic I felt a wave of nervousness wash over me. I’ve heard so many stories about mechanics who are not quite honest with their customers. I’m sure this mechanic wouldn’t do this. My brother did say he booked the best, after all!

As I pulled up to the garage, I saw a burly man in overalls standing outside. He gave me a friendly wave and a nod, and I immediately felt at ease. “That must be the mechanic,” I thought to myself.

He spent some time surveying the car before revealing some great news. The car was in perfect working order. I’m not starting to wish I got this process done sooner rather than stressing and procrastinating for no reason.

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