Window Tinting Secret

Something strange has been going on at work lately. It all started about a month ago when the boss of the company hired professional window tinters to come and darken up the glass surrounding the conference room. On its own, this wouldn’t have been too strange, but it was more the fact that he also had a new lock put on the door, along with a facial-recognition device. What is going on in there that requires such extreme levels of secrecy? Most workplaces would just get frosted window tinting for the conference room and call it a day.

I’ve been in contact with the window tinting company that did the installation to ask if they have any information, but they are claiming that it is confidential and that their contracts prevent them from being able to speak on the subject. Of course, that just made me even more suspicious. The boss hasn’t let anybody into the conference room since the tinted window installation was completed. What could he be doing in there?

If the commercial window tinting business from Melbourne won’t give me any answers, I’m going to have to find them myself. Thankfully, I studied investigative journalism at university for six months before I got bored and dropped out, so I know a thing or two about digging up the dirt. My internship as a gravedigger also helped with that particular skill. I’ll get to the bottom of this, even if it’s the last thing I do. 

At the start of any good investigation, it is essential to outline the primary questions you want to be answered, so here are mine. One: what is going on in the conference room? Two: why is the boss so secretive about it? And three: why was the window tinting business sworn to secrecy about the whole thing? If I can find the answers to these three questions, I will be satisfied that my investigation is complete. Now, I’d better get back to work selling these toasters – I’m a bit behind today due to spending my morning blogging.

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