Renovation Unobtainable

They didn’t quite make it out of the Renovation Kingdom before sundown, so Princess Plum gave the Fellowship permission to set up camp again. They’d decided to head toward the Conveyancing Kingdom next, as the trail of destruction appeared to go that way, although it was hard to be certain of that. Although the princess had always loved the Renovation Kingdom with its brilliant kitchen designers, she had never held such fondness for the Conveyancing Kingdom. 

She knew that the Conveyancing Kingdom had an essential role in keeping the Power Star Lands functional, but a kingdom full of people who handled the legal side of property sale was something she simply found boring. Frankly, she wasn’t sure why the Power Star Lands needed so many conveyancers at all. Surely a handful of them would do. A whole kingdom seemed like it was a bit overboard, in her opinion. With a few drinks in her system, Princess Plum might even confess to herself that the entire property system in these lands seemed completely broken. Property went to the highest bidder, but wasn’t housing a right? In fact, her father had passed several laws that made homelessness illegal, and yet the system meant that many people in the Power Star Lands were beholden to their landlords, since they couldn’t afford a house for themselves.

Princess Plum felt bad for the people who were forced to rent their home throughout the numerous kingdoms. Many of her poor mushroom subjects didn’t even have the option to hire designers for kitchen renovations near Melbourne, who could travel to the Fungus Kingdom and upgrade their mushroom homes with a new shower or oven. She wished she could do something about it, but she was only the sovereign ruler of the Fungus Kingdom. What power did she have to overhaul the entire housing system? No, it was just too bad.

That unfortunate truth meant she wasn’t really looking forward to setting foot in the Conveyancing Kingdom. It would just make her sad that many people were forced to choose between illegal homelessness or dedicating large parts of their income to paying off someone else’s mortgage. If only they could have lived in a giant castle like she did.

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