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People sometimes think of delivery drivers as dumb or lazy people. I’m here to prove that I’m just the opposite. I’m a delivery driver who loves their work and is always looking for ways to improve. I chose this profession because I love greeting the locals and delivering their much desired packages. It’s a pretty cruisy job for the most part. Things can get tricky if someone leaves out a unit number, or if an address has changed, but on the whole it’s pretty easy. 

Despite the job being easy as it is, I believe there’s nothing wrong with finding ways to make my job easier. I carry so many packages each day that it is absolutely essential that I maintain a high level of organisation. There’s a specific route we need to drive when doing our deliveries, and if we accidentally miss a package’s location, it can throw everything out of whack. Plus, you also get a very disappointed recipient who is peeved they did not receive their package. 

I recently discovered how to use half canopies for my deliveries. I was talking to a fellow delivery driver and they told me they’ve been using half canopies for the last five years. Since using the half canopy, they’ve never had a confused or forgotten parcel ever again. I was amazed because even the best of us can confuse or forget a parcel. Within minutes of the conversation I was totally sold. I knew I had to get one.

I did my research and found a company that also specialises in making custom aluminium ute trays. Melbourne has plenty of ute tray manufacturers, but few specialise in making custom designs. Since I’m a delivery driver, my trays have a few nuanced features that are required, as opposed to a tradesman. 

I met with the team later that week and we had a good chat about what I was planning to use my half canopy for. They had a design, and the final product mocked up in no time. I couldn’t have been happier by the end result.

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