Girlfriend’s Car Cooling

It’s so funny how two people can have very different priorities. For example, my girlfriend is super organised and on top of everything except for her car. I’m the total opposite. I’m scattered about everything, except for my car. If anything goes wrong with my car, I am instantly on top of it. If anything goes wrong with my girlfriend’s car, she will do everything in her power to mediate the situation so that she does not need to get a repair. 

My girlfriend is a freelance journalist. She needs her car quite desperately to drive around and search for story opportunities. I always like to remind her of the importance of keeping her car in good condition. She thinks I’m just being nitpicky. Recently she noticed her car engine temperature gauge was running higher than usual. She tried to keep it secret from me to avoid being told to take it for a repair. As soon as I saw it I told her to book urgent cooling system repairs as soon as possible!

A week went by and I noticed she still hadn’t booked the repair, so I went ahead and booked it myself. This actually caused a bit of an argument between us. I think she didn’t want to admit she was stressed about not being able to afford the repair. I reminded her that the cooling system is essential for regulating the car’s temperature and that it could cause severe damage to the engine if not repaired.

After much back and forth, my girlfriend agreed that it was best we take the car for the repair. We decided to take it to the same place she got her logbook service. Adelaide is getting warmer by the day, and I can just imagine the havoc this could start inflicting on her engine. The thought alone was enough to stress me out.

When we took the car in, the car mechanic reiterated the importance of the cooling system and showed my girlfriend all the problems with her car. I’m glad he did this because she clearly did not believe me.

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