Tinting For Business

I own a small accounting firm. It started as an online business that I’d operate out of my home, but I slowly discovered that more and more clients desired a face-to-face experience. After growing tired of the usual webcam catch-ups, I decided I’d make myself stand out and acquire a location. I’ve had the location for about three months now but have been told by clients that they’d prefer if I had tinted windows for added privacy. I’m starting to understand where they’re coming from with this suggestion. Many of my clients are local business owners. They probably don’t want their employees or clients to see them sitting in the accounting firm. Sometimes it can open up many questions and concerns. 

I knew I had to come up with some sort of solution. I did some research online and found a reputable company that specialises in window glass frosting. They offered me a variety of options to choose from, which was great! Despite there being multiple colours and styles to choose from, I decided to settle for a simply frosted window film that would provide the privacy I need while still allowing natural light into the office.

I think a big reason why I was always sceptical of window film is because I’ve seen a lot of dodgy jobs done. I can point out at least eight stores on my shopping strip that have bubbling or peeling window film. That’s why I used the best office tinting specialists Melbourne has to offer to get the job done. I’ve noticed that all the stores that used this company never had any issues with their tint or film.

It’s funny how I never once thought about tinting, but now I am seeing the benefits it has brought to my office. It’s definitely added an element of privacy, but it’s also helped to provide a more professional look. All my clients thought the changes looked great and felt a lot more at ease during their appointments. 

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