Plumb and Plumber

As the last of the Mushroom Rangers to be involved in Red Mushroom Man’s plan to uplift the spirits of his friend Marion, and given how that plan had been derailed by Princess Plum’s intention to join the quest, I knew it was my job to make sure everything went ahead smoothly.

I waited nervously in the throne room, while Green Mushroom Man attended to the princess’s every need. Usually, Princess Plum was dressed in a deep red dress that complemented her pale skin and gold crown. Today, however, she wore a much more practical outfit that included tall boots, black trousers and a maroon and gold leather jacket.

Finally, the doors to the throne room swung open. Marion the plumber entered the room, escorted by Pink Mushroom Girl. His red and blue jumpsuit seemed to capture the light that shone through the windows, giving him an odd, heroic aura. Red Mushroom Man had claimed Marion was the best plumber for blocked drains. Fairfield, Toorak, Prahran – it didn’t matter which. If there was a suburb with drain problems, Marion the plumber was there to save the day. From the shine of his boots to the sparkle in his blue eyes, I believed it with every fibre of my mushroom body.

Marion knelt down before the princess and bowed his head. “Princess Plum, I am honoured to be here before you. Pink Mushroom Girl has told me many tales of your excellence. She has also informed me of your giant, fire-breathing turtle problem. Please, allow me to be of assistance. I once completed a drain unblocking around Essendon so horrible that this will be a mere walk in the park.”

“I do not doubt your bravery, nor your skill, plumber Marion,” said the princess. “However, the time of the Fungus Kingdom relying on plumbers to do our dirty work is over. This task is mine to complete. That said, you are welcome to join me, if you wish.”

Marion raised his head, looking the princess in the eyes. “Then join you I will.”

The princess grinned. “Let us be Plum and plumber together, then. Trowser won’t even know what hit him.”

– Yellow Mushroom Man

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