Baseball shoulder injury

I’ve been playing baseball for the past fifteen years, ever since I was a kid. It’s always been my favourite sport, and I’ve been fortunate enough to play on a team every weekend. I love being on the field, feeling the adrenaline pumping through my veins, and the thrill of competition.

For the past few months, I’ve been experiencing some pain in my shoulder. As the pitcher, I’m constantly using my arm, throwing pitch after pitch, and I guess all the wear and tear has finally caught up with me. The pain got worse, and I knew I needed to see a doctor. After a visit to an orthopaedic specialist, I found out that these were signs I need a shoulder arthroscopy.

I was nervous about the procedure, but I knew it was necessary to get me back on the field. The surgery was scheduled for a few weeks later, and I spent that time researching everything I could about the procedure and the recovery process. I was determined to come back stronger than ever and continue playing the sport I love.

The day of the surgery was nerve-wracking, but I knew I was in the hands of the best shoulder surgeon Melbourne has ever seen. The waiting room was packed with people, and I could hear the sound of medical equipment buzzing from behind the doors. When it was finally my turn, I was prepped for surgery and put under anaesthesia. I remember waking up groggy, but relieved that the surgery was over.

The recovery process was long and difficult. I had to keep my arm in a sling for several weeks and couldn’t play baseball for months. It was frustrating, but I knew that I needed to take it slow and let my body heal.

Finally, after several months, I was able to start playing again. I still feel a little bit of pain from time to time, but I know how to manage it, and I’m grateful to be able to continue playing the sport that I love.

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