Bath and Back

Once upon a time, in a quiet neighbourhood of Sydney, lived an elderly gentleman named Bertie Bubbles. Bertie, known for his jovial disposition and love for soaking in the bathtub, led a simple life. Every evening, he would fill up his old bathtub with warm water, lay back and let the bubbles embrace him. It was his cherished routine, one he looked forward to all day.

But as time passed, Bertie’s agility waned. He found it harder and harder to manoeuvre himself into and out of the bathtub. The slippery tub was becoming a hurdle in his otherwise peaceful routine. Then came a day when he nearly slipped while getting out, jolting him to the realisation of the risks he was taking daily.

Reflecting on his near fall, Bertie realised that he had been lucky. If he had not caught himself in time, the incident could have been severe, possibly life-altering. His heart filled with gratitude at his good fortune, and a renewed determination solidified within him. He knew he needed to take proactive steps to avoid such situations in the future. He owed it to himself to prioritise his safety, especially in his golden years.

Determined to find a solution and restore the safety of his bath time, Bertie took to the internet. He stumbled upon a company offering bath modifications for Sydney residents, specifically designed for elderly people like him. Intrigued, he decided to explore their services.

As he browsed their website, Bertie was amazed by the variety of solutions offered. They had a bathtub cut out for elderly people which caught his eye immediately. This modification would create an entry point in the tub that would allow him to step in and out with ease, significantly reducing the risk of slipping. The service promised quick installation and minimal disruption, which appealed to Bertie’s love for tranquillity.

Before long, Bertie found himself dialling their number, excited about the prospect of making his beloved bath time safer and easier. His journey to regain his safe bath times had begun, and he was eager to see where it led. Little did he know, this was just the beginning.

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