Commercial Energy One

Have you ever wondered what the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you is? Close your eyes for a moment and reflect on it. Perhaps it was winning a substantial amount of money at the casino or receiving a life-changing promotion that led you overseas. Those are the kind of crazy experiences that are considered respectable and regular. But mine, well, it’s a little different. The craziest thing that’s ever happened to me occurred during my campaign for council elections when I discovered I had superpowers.


I can still vividly recall the day, as it was just yesterday. I had just concluded a productive meeting at Cherry Energy Solutions, a local business that had always supported my campaign endeavours. We engaged in a brilliant discussion about the advantages of solar power and how we could introduce more clean and renewable energy to our community. Exiting the store, I turned back to give the team a friendly wave when I heard the screeching of tires and a scream that pierced the air.


Time seemed to slow down as I frantically searched for the source of the commotion. My eyes locked onto a car veering off the road, hurtling directly towards me. In that split second, instinct took over. Without even thinking, I thrust my hand forward. Miraculously, the car came to a halt. In that moment, the commercial LED lighting in the surrounding stores flickered and dimmed. Confused smartphone owners witnessed a lack of notifications lighting up their screens. Even the occupants of the car stared at me in awe, their wide eyes reflecting fear and astonishment.


I glanced down at my own hand, transfixed by the extraordinary sight before me. It was emitting a soft, ethereal glow. An orange swirl, reminiscent of the rings of Saturn, danced beneath the surface of my skin on the right hand. When had it appeared? With a trembling finger, I cautiously reached out to touch it. To my surprise, it didn’t burn or cause any discomfort. It simply radiated an otherworldly energy.


After laughing off the adrenaline rush for the sake of onlookers and assisting the police in clearing the area, I returned home. Much to my amazement, the swirling pattern on my hand remained, serving as a constant reminder of the extraordinary power I possessed.

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