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It can be tough living alone as a person with a disability. Managing everyday tasks without help can be extra challenging, and sometimes off putting. In the last year, I’ve really noticed the impact my mental health is having on my ability to function day to day. Going out and socialising has always been a struggle for me, but now I’m starting to feel a lot more isolated.

I’m very fortunate to have friends who are supportive and understanding of my condition. Most people would probably be happy to abandon our friendship because sometimes I can be hard work or very distant. My friends understand that I do not behave like this intentionally. They’re also very sympathetic to my situation. The other day, my friend recommended that I look into getting a homecare provider. In the past I was hesitant about doing this because it felt like I was giving up, but I knew it was time to give it a try. I found an NDIS provider specialising in positive behaviour support in Adelaide. I had never really heard of positive behaviour support before, but the name really resonated with me. I continued my research and discovered that positive behaviour support is all about understanding and addressing the root that causes problematic behaviour. For so long I’ve had many therapists try to manage my symptoms. While this helped to a degree, it was incredibly frustrating to not be able to understand why I behave how I do.

This provider was regarded as the best NDIS provider near me and I can honestly see why. They were prompt with answering my call, and were efficient when setting up my initial consultation with their support worker. The support worker was lovely too. She really made an effort to understand me and understand my struggles. Based on the information I gave her, she was able to create a great care plan. This care plan included regular visits from a support worker who could help me with daily tasks, as well as provide me with emotional support and guidance when needed.

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